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Course Overview

The anti-theft class / shoplifting class will help explain why a person may shoplift and steal. It will help learners prevent, reduce and eliminate shoplifting and theft behavior by helping to develop a plan to deter future negative behaviors, including preventative strategies. This course will also assist in changing personal perceptions, values, thought management, and conditioning. 

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Certification Included


Downloadable certificate upon class completion. Acceptable for any court-ordered class in the state of Texas. Our court-approved anti-theft class is approved throughout the Texas court system.

Program Features:

Satisfies up to a 4-hour educational requirement

Self-paced anti-theft class online

Anti-theft online class must be completed in 30 days of enrollment

Certificate: Download on completion

100% Online access

Final evaluation score of at least 70% required

Why take this Anti-theft class?

Legal Obligation

In certain situations, individuals may be required by law or as part of a legal settlement to complete a court-ordered shoplifting class. This can happen, for example, as a result of being convicted of theft-related offenses or as a condition of probation or parole.

Employment requirement

Some employers, especially those in industries prone to theft or with a high focus on security, may require their employees to complete an anti-theft course as part of their job requirement. This ensures that employees are aware of the potential risks and equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent theft or respond appropriately if it occurs.

Personal Development

Taking an anti-theft class online can be a proactive step towards personal development, improving one’s knowledge and skills in preventing theft. Some individuals may choose to take such courses to enhance their understanding of security measures and protect themselves, their property, or their business.

This anti-theft shoplifting class will teach:

Why a person may shoplift and steal

Preventative strategies to reduce shoplifting

Improve self-esteem & personal development

Promote self-awareness and social skills

Assistance in changing personal perceptions

Realign values and thought management

Anti-Theft Class Benefits

Overall, the benefits of taking an anti-theft or shoplifting class extend beyond immediate theft prevention. They empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and confidence, enabling them to create a safer environment for themselves and others while contributing to personal and professional development.

INcreased Awareness

This anti-theft course provides valuable information and insights into different types of theft, common tactics used by thieves, and areas of vulnerability. By raising awareness, individuals become more vigilant and can identify potential threats or risky situations. This increased awareness can keep employees safer on the job and can contribute to less shrinkage and bigger profit margins.

Prevention & Risk Reduction

Shoplifting classes equip individuals with practical strategies and techniques to prevent theft. They learn about security measures such as securing personal belongings, implementing effective locks, using surveillance systems, and maintaining situational awareness. By implementing these preventive measures, individuals can reduce the risk of theft occurring.

Enhanced Security Skills

Anti-theft courses often teach practical skills related to security, such as safe handling of personal belongings, effective communication in potentially risky situations, and understanding security protocols. These skills can be applied not only in personal situations but also in professional settings, making individuals more valuable in security-conscious environments.

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Gaining knowledge and skills through an anti-theft course can boost confidence and provide peace of mind. By being better prepared and knowing how to protect themselves and their property, individuals can feel more secure in their daily lives and in their professional lives.

Legal Compliance

In cases where an anti-theft class is mandatory due to legal or employment obligations, completing the course ensures compliance and avoids potential consequences or penalties. It demonstrates a commitment to security and can enhance one's professional reputation.

Personal & Pro Development

Engaging in continuous learning and professional development is highly regarded in many fields. Taking an anti-theft class demonstrates a proactive attitude towards personal and professional growth, which can be beneficial for career advancement and personal satisfaction. Training can take place on your schedule.

What's included in this online theft class?

Theft Crimes

Describes various types of theft and shoplifting crimes, per Texas codes and laws.

Shoplifting Statistics

Become familiar with the Texas state and federal laws associated with theft crimes.

Types of Shoplifters

Describes various types of shoplifters and shoplifting methods.

Emotional Motivation

Outlines why people steal and how to manage and control personal responses.

Phases of Theft

Learn the phases of theft and how to stop the cycle through thought management.

Change & Alicia's Story

Follow Alicia, a shoplifter, through this real life case study and how she got help.


Outlines the various sentencing and consequences of shoplifting crimes in Texas.

Defenses to Theft

Lists the various defense to theft and shoplifting crimes in the state of Texas.

Record Sealing

Describes how record sealing is utilized in some theft and shoplifting cases in Texas.

Practical Solutions

Discussions of preventative strategies, changing personal perceptions and conditioning.


Additional resources and where to go for help with theft and shoplifting behaviors.

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Additional Anti-Theft Course Information

100% Online

This anti-theft class is 100% online, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

30 Days to Complete

You must complete the online anti-theft class within 30 days of enrollment.

70% Passing score

To complete this course you must pass the final evaluation with at least a 70% score.

Test retakes

If you do not pass the course evaluation, you will have to pay $25 to retake the course. No exceptions.

No refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

There will only be a refund if Texas Court Classes cancels your class. If the student fails to be present for all days of the course, the student will be disenrolled and will have to enroll themselves again through

Yes, you can reschedule your selected class only if your class HAS NOT already started.

Yes, you can take these courses from any county in the state of Texas!

The DOEP course is 15 hours for 5 consecutive days.

The DWIE course is 12 hours for 3 consecutive days.

The DWII course is 32 hours for 5 weeks.

Online course certificates are available IMMEDIATELY after successful completion of the course.

Texas Court Classes will email you & DPS (if needed) your certificate within 5 business of completion for Zoom courses, including DOEP, DWIE, and DWII.

Depending on how late you are to class, you may be locked out of your Zoom course and required to start the course from scratch. You will then have to pay for the entire course again.

Because Texas Court Classes is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, you cannot miss any sessions. You will have to pay to take the class again from the beginning.

Yes, however for the final examination (on the last class) you will need a secondary device. You have to be visibly present while taking the exam.

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