Alcohol Awareness Class

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Alcohol awareness Class Overview

This DWI/ Alcohol Awareness class is designed to help offenders increase their knowledge about alcohol & drugs as these substances relate to driving skills; to identify their own individual drinking/drug use and driving patterns; and to assist them in developing plans which will reduce the probability of future alcohol related offenses.

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Certification Included


A completion certificate will be emailed within 5-10 days upon completion of course. You may pay a rush charge of $20 to get your certificate with 24 hours. This Texas approved 12 hour DWI education program is acceptable for any court-ordered DWI/DUI/DWIE class in Texas. Our courses are approved throughout the Texas court system. License #653. Expiration September 14, 2024.

alcohol awareness Program Features:

Satisfies up to a 4-hour educational requirement

Self-paced course

Alcohol awareness class must be completed within 30 days of enrollment

Certificate: Download on completion

100% Online access

Final evaluation score of at least 70% required

Why take this alcohol awareness class?

Legal Obligation

In certain situations, individuals may be required by law or as part of a legal settlement to complete a court-ordered alcohol awareness class. This can happen, for example, as a result of being convicted of DUI and alcohol related offenses or as a condition of probation or parole.

Employment Requirement

Some employers, especially those in industries with a high focus on security, may require their employees to complete an alcohol awareness class as part of their job requirement. This ensures that employees are aware of the potential risks and equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent alcoholism or respond appropriately if it occurs.

Personal Development

Taking an alcohol awareness class online can be a proactive step towards personal development, improving one’s knowledge and skills in preventing problems related to alcohol use. Some individuals may choose to take such courses to enhance their understanding of alcoholism and protect their health.

This alcohol awareness class will teach:

The history of DWI

Effects of alcohol and drugs on driving ability

Texas criminal and civil laws around DWIs

Resources to assist with getting help

What happens when we drink

Absorption & use of a BAC calculator

Alcohol Awareness Class Benefits

Overall, an online alcohol awareness class aims to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and resources to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol consumption, reduce risks, and promote a healthier relationship with alcohol. It provides comprehensive knowledge about alcohol, its effects on the body, potential risks, and associated behaviors. Participants learn about the physiological, psychological, and social aspects of alcohol consumption.


The alcohol awareness class raises awareness about the potential consequences of excessive or irresponsible alcohol consumption. It highlights the risks of alcohol abuse, addiction, impaired judgment, and negative health outcomes.


By providing information and promoting responsible drinking habits, an online alcohol awareness class helps prevent alcohol-related problems. It equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

Risk Reduction

Participants learn strategies to reduce the risks associated with alcohol consumption. This includes understanding standard drink sizes, pacing alcohol intake, avoiding binge drinking, and recognizing signs of alcohol poisoning.

Behavior Change

The alcohol awareness course aims to change attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol. It helps individuals understand the impact of their drinking habits and empowers them to make healthier choices, set limits, and avoid risky situations.

Support & Resources

An online alcohol awareness course may provide information about support groups, helplines, treatment options, and community resources available for individuals struggling with alcohol-related issues. It can connect participants to appropriate services if needed.

Legal & social implications

The alcohol awareness class may address legal issues related to alcohol, such as drinking and driving laws, underage drinking, and the potential consequences of alcohol-related offenses. It also explores the social impact of alcohol on relationships, work, and overall well-being.

What's included in this online alcohol awareness class?

History of DWI

Learn the history of driving while intoxicated (DWI) and alcohol offenses in Texas.

TX Alcohol Offenses

Become familiar with Texas intoxication and alcoholic beverage offenses.

Civil Laws

Learn civil laws in the state of Texas as they relate to driving while intoxicated and alcohol.

When We Drink

Learn what happens to our bodies and motor skills when we drink alcohol.

Alcohol and Driving

Explore how alcohol and drugs effect the driving task including absorption of alcohol in the body.

Intoxication Offenses

Become familiar with intoxication offenses and court information across Texas counties.

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Additional Alcohol Awareness Class Information

100% Online

This Texas alcohol awareness course is 100% online, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

30 Days to Complete

You must complete the alcohol awareness class online within 30 days of enrollment.

70% Passing score

To complete this course you must pass the final evaluation with at least a 70% score.

Test retakes

If you do not pass the course evaluation, you will have to pay $25 to retake the course. No exceptions.

No refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

There will only be a refund if Texas Court Classes cancels your class. If the student fails to be present for all days of the course, the student will be disenrolled and will have to enroll themselves again through

Yes, you can reschedule your selected class only if your class HAS NOT already started.

Yes, you can take these courses from any county in the state of Texas!

The DOEP course is 15 hours for 5 consecutive days.

The DWIE course is 12 hours for 3 consecutive days.

The DWII course is 32 hours for 5 weeks.

Online course certificates are available IMMEDIATELY after successful completion of the course.

Texas Court Classes will email you & DPS (if needed) your certificate within 5 business of completion for Zoom courses, including DOEP, DWIE, and DWII.

Depending on how late you are to class, you may be locked out of your Zoom course and required to start the course from scratch. You will then have to pay for the entire course again.

Because Texas Court Classes is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, you cannot miss any sessions. You will have to pay to take the class again from the beginning.

Yes, however for the final examination (on the last class) you will need a secondary device. You have to be visibly present while taking the exam.

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